Summer Feels! So much feels~ A Recap

Last Sunday, April 30, UP Town Center was packed with people drowning in feels. Am I more coherent now? I’m not sure. But I will try to remember as much as I can.

Yup! It was #AprilFeelsDay2017 and we launched our #romanceclass anthology Summer Feels there. Yay!

Let me just tell you that the kilig over our book launch and the live readings, the energy of the people…grabe. It was chaos. Emotions ran wild…okay, contained naman daw. But the whole day was really just surreal for me.


These are some of the books on display. The numbers on the books are heat levels. Oh yes. We have up to heat level 4 yata. Haha!~ You should try all the levels. We must cover all our bases, ‘di ba? ☺

Aren’t they gorgeous?

Shelves full of yummy stories! ~

Too many pretties to buy. Sadly, I didn’t have a big budget kaya ayun…super konti lang ang haul ko. I’m going to show it to you later.


This was how the event looked like.

Our books!!!! They looked so great. We spent the first hours before the launch signing our names. Yes, feeling totoong writer. Lol. I truly loved looking at our books. It made the whole thing true and that was when I felt that, “Oh my god, I am a writer!”

This was where the live readings would be staged. There were a lot of readings. I couldn’t keep up because I did some ~stuff. Haha! No really. So I only took some pictures.

Our readers who brought to life the characters in the books. They were really awesome. Ah…and Fred is new. Haha. So he was kind of nervous. But he delivered a great performance. And managed to sweep some, if not most of the girls, off their feet.

The enthralled crowd. Too many feels to process…haha!~

The live readings performed had some firsts for the event. We had an M/M and F/F reading for the first time. It was a very delightful experience. Especially since I wrote an M/M story in the #SummerFeels Anthology. The title is The Search for the Kissing Monster. If you want to read it, I’ll give you the links where you can buy our book.
My dream is for my story to be read aloud like this. And for the actors to breathe life into my boys. ^^

Pic Credit to Ms Liana Smith Bautista but I grabbed this from ate Yeyet. Haha

Picture of me and my co-author H. Bentham. We looked so happy ano?

My co-author Kit Salazar. Signing autographs was a joy…hehe.

And there you have it. Ah, I bought books for my collection. I can’t wait to read them. ❤

My copies. Ah. They all look so good. How would they look like on my shelf?

Like this. 😙💖

And that was it!~ The day was a fun-filled adventure for me. It was the first time I was published, the first time I signed books (wow!), and the first time I called myself and author.

This could not have been possible if not for Ms. Liana Smith Bautista. She’s the driving force behind the project. And I am very blessed for the chance to work with her.

Also, I am most grateful to my co-authors. Guys, we made it! Here’s to more books and stories in the future. Aja! To the #romanceclass family for being so supportive and awesome. Thanks for the feels guys. And of course to the fairy Godmother of the group, Ms Mina V. Esguerra. Super thankful to have met you. I can’t believe how you were able to do all of this but I am in awe of your energy and dedication.


And like I said earlier, I will post the links where you can buy our book.
For print copies available only in the Philippines, you can use this.

For Amazon, you can try this.

I’m really going to be so happy and grateful if you support us. It means a lot to us indie authors.

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That’s it! That was the Summer Feels Anthology launch as I remembered it. Haha! #AprilFeelsDay2017 happens only once a year, the first time I was there I was just a participant who was very eager to read good books written by Filipino authors.

Now, I am an author too. And it just feels freaking exciting. ~



One thought on “Summer Feels! So much feels~ A Recap

  1. Great recap. I was also there but I was unable to stay until the end. Congrats on the publication of Summer Feels. My friend Irene wrote a story there as well.

    And oh, I was the lady in red in your post! Haha!

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